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Anniversary Banner Ad Special

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary, we’re offering a new banner ad size at a reduced rate.

Our Bottom Right Banner that is displayed on 99.9% of all our web pages, has been increased in size to 300 x 500px. 

The regular rate for this ad position is $100 per week, but for a limited time until March 31, 2016, all contracts booked for this ad position will be discounted by 50%.

This discount applies before any volume discounts.

For example, if you operate a for profit business, and sign an annual contract, the final cost will be $108.33/month ($1,300 for the year). For non profit organizations that works out to being $325 (not a typo) for the year.

Sign your contract before March 31, 2016 to enjoy these savings.

Contact us ASAP to book your ad.