5 things that happened after the Dr. Oz Cleanse

Thursday, 03 October 2013 00:00 Written by
You know sometimes you get to that point. Your jeans go up a size every time you buy a new pair. You start feeling tired more often than you want to, and your doctor insists that you start to exercise.

5 Biggest Challenges Blacks Face in Canada

Wednesday, 12 June 2013 00:00 Written by
Blacks have been residents in Canada since 1783 when Black Loyalists settled in Nova Scotia after the American Revolution. Surprisingly many of the challenges

What is Authority?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 00:00 Written by
Human authority is an unmerited gift from God. How should one exercise human authority? Are there limits to human authority? Is there an ultimate authority?
After reading a few recent interviews by hip hop star Kanye West... I've been thinking about this concept of greatness. West has been notoriously labelled an egomaniac and complete a-hole.