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    Summer has drawn to a close, the children are settling down in school and university, and Ralston and Doreen are rearing to implement the new menus in the restaurant for the last four months of the year, to ensure that they meet the sales and profit targets set at the beginning of the year.

    The 2017 federal budget is out and there are some MAJOR changes you should pay attention to. 

    In my practice I have found that many of the difficult interactions with CRA can be avoided by a simple shift in how we approach them.

    You've heard the saying before, think big!

    It's November, and if you're a business owner that means it's the time of year you should be thinking about how to minimize your income tax.

    19 Jun 2015

    No matter the size of your business, or its cash flow position, a business owner should never be without an accountant. 

    Here are a few reminders to ensure that you get the maximum refund, owe no money at all to CRA, or pay the least amount of taxes.

    01 Apr 2015

    Here are tried and true tax tips, irrespective of the tax year, that will ensure you maximize your refund, minimize your tax bill, or the best option where you neither owe nor get a refund.

    09 Nov 2014

    In this article we will discuss the concept of paying yourself first and the use of credit and debit cards. 

    17 Oct 2014

    In this article we discuss budget design and maintenance and organizing and keeping good records. If you recall from our previous article, money management entails balancing savings, spending, wants, needs, cash flow and debt.

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