The fashion industry and society as a whole have a very myopic view on how beauty is defined.

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    Bili Balogun knows that entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. “Entrepreneurship will definitely drag you through the dirt before your company takes off. Literally, the worst things that can happen will happen.”

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    Deciding to start my natural hair journey had been long overdue.

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    Fall is here, and with it comes fun, new makeup trends to try!

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    I was at the hair salon recently, and my hairdresser was telling me about her last trip to Sephora. One of the beauty advisors had her try on this “horrible” foundation that took forever to dry and made her look like she was wearing a mask.

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    “I don’t want to look fake.” It's probably the most frequent thing I hear my clients and my girlfriends say when it comes to wearing makeup.

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    Dear Beauties: Let me introduce myself: my name is Christina and I help Brown skin women find their own self-expression, develop their personal magnetism and feel extra confident through makeup. I first started my career in the beauty industry ten years ago when I joined L’Oréal, the largest cosmetics company in the world. 

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    I have this mirror in my living room/workout space. Everyone who stands in front of it has something to say.

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