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ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY As green, toxin-free cleaning continues to grow in the cleaning industry, consumers are even more wary of false claims and greenwashing, or green sheen, the deceptive marketing of green to promote the perception that a company’s products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly. LIQUID GREEN PRODUCTS is the industry benchmark for environmentally safe, 100% non-toxic, green cleaners. You can rely on us that when you choose Liquid Green products, you have made the best choice for your family’s health as well as that of your pets who for some have become extended family members. Ingredients are plant-based, readily biodegradable and never tested on animals. All ingredients are listed on each product label and we pride ourselves in not just being eco-friendly but eco-superior. Our innovative line-up of cleaners includes a family favorite, our Botanical Multi-purpose cleaner, our very popular Fruit and Veggie wash and a Spot and stain remover that will annihilate all organic stains while busting unpleasant odour. Our natural, organic Soft Coat Pet Shampoo is so gentle, your pets will be thanking you for your choice as it has zero fillers, no fragrance or parabens. For all avid or struggling gardeners or large commercial farmer, there is Plantmate, a wonderful blend of plant-based ingredients helping plants to grow the way nature intended, naturally, toxin-free. Whether you employ a cleaning lady, carpet cleaning or house cleaning service or whether you clean yourself with the aid of reluctant family helpers, insist on the gentle, versatile, non-toxic, non-fuming, fragrance-free solutions that we provide. We know how inconvenient it is to spray and run when cleaning so as not to inhale toxic fumes or overpowering fragrances. We tailor our products to be industry specific, be it home care, automotive, airline, marine, agriculture, food and beverage or any other cleaning challenge warranted. Our revolutionary technology produces the single most effective range of environmentally friendly and humanly safe cleaning products. LIQUID GREEN PRODUCTS INC. is a Canadian based company with a unified vision towards a sustainable environment, for future generations. It is our commitment to contribute to healthier lifestyles and personal well-being. We support community involvement, charitable giving and stewardship and we thank all our customers, past and future for your valued support. Our Mantra Promise a little, Deliver a lot.
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