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Carole Sandy, is a couple and family therapist. She specifically works with individuals, couples and families to re-story the hurt and help them reconnect with the best parts of themselves.She works with families and couples who have faced some of the most difficult times in their life. She also assist individuals who want to guard their relationships after experiencing a traumatic job loss and are struggling with stress, anger and resentment. Are you feeling lonely in your relationship? Or are you confused about why you and your partner are not talking? Do you want to see yourself differently but find it difficult to trust people? Are you struggling with your mood but don’t know how to talk about what you are experiencing? Let me help you process this further and create strategies to support these challenging times in your life. When we are prepared to do the work required, we can learn about ourselves and shed some light on the issues that are causing you to feel frustrated, angry or stuck.   I help families, couples and individuals acknowledge the power that lies within them while addressing the pain and fear which often blocks their own happiness.  
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