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What we do at Voice Share addresses three fundamental questions: What is my voice? How do I develop it? How do I share it most effectively with the world? The aim of Voice Share is to help people come into full possession of their voice and learn to share it more effectively, whether the audience is one, one hundred, or one thousand people. Key to our approach is the focus on “voice” not simply as the sound that emanates from a person’s throat, but as the whole outward expression of the person based on a profound sense of ownership over what is on the inside. Voice Share’s approach is mindful and inclusive of the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual states of our humanity. Our proprietary personal development framework focuses on how to bring ways of knowing, being and living into alignment. This process of alignment is most simply described as finding your voice. We transfer our knowledge to others to provide powerfully motivational programs and services that help people achieve their desired introspective, altruistic, professional, artistic and personal outcomes. In this way, our clients will transform themselves, their communities, their nations and the world at large.
105 Consumers Drive, Whitby, L1N 1C4, Ontario, Canada
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Greg Frankson
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