CHIN Radio 100.7 | Talk To Me

Talk To Me with hosts Denise Jones, Sharon Mcleod, Teresa Castellucci & Denieca Brown “Talk To Me” is one of the newest edgiest dynamic talk radio shows to hit the Toronto airwaves. With four engaging and very diverse personalities and guests in one studio discussing some of the hottest current events as they relate to faith, sex, relationships, health, culture, and community, “Talk To Me” is sure to both entertain and ignite listeners all across the city. Sit back as Denise Jones, Kayla Thompson, Teresa Castellucci and Clifton Joseph, bring you up to speed on the "hot topics". There may be a bit of drama, and they won’t always agree, but they’ll definitely get you talking!
622 College Street, Toronto, M6G 1B6, ON, Canada