22 Feb 2014

    Machete Joe filmmaker, Howard Green's new project!

    He's the Toronto filmmaker behind scary movie Machete Joe which won several awards including Best Thriller at the San Diego Black Film Festival and has been streamed on Netflix.

    Now, Howard Green is back with something new for us! But he needs our help to make it happen.

    His latest film, Black Leather Soles is a period piece set in 1930's Harlem. Junior Rawlings, a once gifted tap dancer, is running a failing nightclub. With only one week to pay off his loan shark, he struggles desperately to keep his last dream alive. However, fighting and embezzlement among his acts and crew threaten to drag it down completely.

    Black Leathers Soles made its stage debut in 2001 as a co-production by Gordon Greene (writer/actor/producer) and David Strasberg at the Lee Strasberg Theater in Hollywood. It ran for six weeks to a sold out audience. It was nominated for five NAACP Theater Awards, Best Producer, Best Costume, Best Choreography, Best Supporting Actor, Best Set Design.

    In 2005, Gordon Greene and Howard Green produced and shot Black Leather Soles the Short Film. It was accepted into seven International and Domestic Film Festivals. The film proved its commercial appeal by winning Best Short Film at the Houston Black Film Festival and a Kodak Finalist in the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival.

    It features some of our favourite Black actors like Tommy Davidson and Ernie Hudson. Then give whatever you can to help take this film all the way, there are only FOUR days left to give! Then share the link with your friends. Support Black film.

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