09 Feb 2016

Getting Bitten By Michael Xavier

Michael Xavier hails from Ottawa, Ontario. Born in 1985, the middle child of five knew he wanted to be an actor.

After graduating from high school he enrolled at Humber College intent on a career in acting. He has had no difficulty finding work in numerous Film and Television productions like Rookie Blue, Heartland, and Covert Affairs. He has natural acting versatility and instinctual prowess; he can get a rise out of any audience. His greatest successes so far include a series regular role on Space Channel’s Bitten and more recently appearing as the lead in Deadly Inferno.

What has it been like playing Logan on Bitten?

Two seasons on Bitten was a great experience both as an actor and as a young man venturing into the unknown with a close knit group of people who quickly became like family. The knowledge I gained from working on that project should no doubt be echoed throughout my forging career.

What originally inspired you to become an actor?

Entertainment was always second nature growing up in a family of 7. Having 2 older sisters, 2 younger brothers, and 2 parents doing their best to keep the reins on us all while at the same time feeding our creative curiosities; a life spent in constant expression seemed to come most naturally to me. I spent a lot of hours up with my dad watching Bruce lee movies, excerpts from Muhammad Ali interviews and fights, heroism from Jordan on the court… story telling and the crowds they draw, the excitement that builds, the daringness and audacity was something I marvelled at and wanted to be a part of.

How do you feel about the Canadian film/tv scene and what does your future look like here for you? Any exciting news or upcoming projects?

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