22 May 2015

Prince & 3rdEyeGirl Funked Toronto Up

We all have a handful of musicians that we consider to be a must see throughout our lifetime.

Those artists that for one reason or another we consider to be prolific. The artists that if we don't get the opportunity to see we often say “I wish I'd seen them when I had the chance”. Prince wasn't on my list of must see artists, but when the news of his Hit and Run Tour coming to Toronto graced social media I found myself filled with excitement and the absolute need to see him.

So the day before the concert we sat at the laptop ten minutes before the tickets went on sale anxiously waiting and after a manic 6 minutes of hitting the refresh button searching for suitable tickets we struck luck and counted down the mere hours before the show like children waiting for Christmas Day.

How Prince and 3rdEyeGirl were able to do two back to back shows with more than enough energy to have the whole audience captivated through its entirety I'll never know but they did, and the did so very, very well. Usually you find a lull in shows where the audience finds itself less engaged providing time to check one's phone or pop out for refreshments but this didn't happen on Tuesday night.

Prince pleased hardcore fans and easy listeners alike with more recents songs like “Funknroll”, “Guitar” and “Rock and Roll Love Affair” in the first half and then pleased his 80s era lovers in the second. Iconic songs like “When Doves Cry”, “Kiss” and “Raspberry Beret” had us all dancing our way into the aisles while security guards ushered us back. Even slow songs such as “Purple Rain” and “The Beautiful Ones” had us slow dancing with loved ones or holding lighters in the air. He even added rendition of “Nothing Compares To You” and “Love Me Tender”.

The best shows are the ones where your expectations are blown out of the water. The concerts that leave you buzzing for days to come. It's ironic that this tour was named the Hit and Run Tour because that's exactly what he did. From selling out two back to back shows with next to no notice, leaving everyone wowed, overflowing with joy and pretty much floored, I for one am incredibly glad I was able to witness the magic that is Prince. There is a reason that this man is still able to sell out concerts and rock the audience into oblivion. Prince is very much a musical genius decades on in his career. And after this week's show, there are zero signs of him slowing.

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