27 Jan 2017

    DJ Lissa Monet + The New Wave of Model Turned DJ

    In this interview, I sit down with Toronto based DJ, Lissa Monet, and we chat about this new wave of female djs seemingly picked because of their looks rather than talent.

    As a DJ who has been in the game for 15 years, watching the direction that the art form is heading to hurts her because it is not longer about who is the best. In this candid conversation, we dive into the importance of upholding the integrity of DJing and she asks the very important question we'd all like to know, "if you can't mix two songs together, why bother?" Check out the video below!

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    Toni Francis

    Toni Francis is an independent media producer based in Toronto. She received an Advanced Diploma from Centennial College's Broadcast and Film program, graduating at the top of her class. She has worked on projects that range from feature films to online magazines. Priding herself on working with diverse individuals and telling their compelling stories, Toni Francis recently launched a youtube channel, a hub for urban entertainment in Toronto. Boasting intimate one on one interviews with personalities, artists, djs, entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, activists etc, guests quickly forget there is a camera present, guards are down and we get to see the real.


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