03 May 2021

    ADVANCE: Expanding The Black Pipeline Through Careers in the Music Industry Featured

    Have you, or someone you know, ever wanted to work in music or entertainment? ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective aims to help you make that happen. Whether you are a veteran in your industry, well into your current career, a college or university scholar, an entrepreneur, or a high school student, ADVANCE can help you get in the door.

    For most of us, music is a part of who we are. This last year has reminded us just how much music affects us. It can brighten our day or provide mood music to our melancholy. It’s a Saturday morning soundtrack to an otherwise tedious day of housecleaning. It can take you back in time to a specific moment of heartache, triumph, and innocence, making us nostalgic for the pivotal moments in our lives.

    With so much of our existence tied to music, why is it careers in the music industry seem so daunting? Is it the spectre of gatekeepers, unpolished musical talent, or ignorance of career support? 

    ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, exists to help you overcome these hurdles with the assistance of data analysts, CPA accountants, engineers, UI/UX designers, operations managers, financial advisors, product marketing teams, stage design, construction hands, and the list goes on. We often see our favourite artist or musician on stage but aren’t educated as to the very sustainable and stable career paths that exist behind the curtain to help propel that artist to stardom. 

    Advice On Entering Into The Industry: 

    During this last year, music companies have stepped up to the plate, delivering live stream performances, unique video activations, playlists, and interactive award shows. They have also started to broaden their employee databases, looking for a more diverse talent pool. 

    ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective has been working with other music organizations to provide burgeoning talent from our community. We are also there to hold them to their commitments, ensuring development opportunities and upward mobility for Black people. 

    The music industry is changing. What once was only a vehicle to promote the music of amazing artists has expanded to include the analysis of consumer trends and needs to deliver real-time solutions to consumer wants. As the evolution continues, this vibrant sector will thrive and remain relevant by finding new and innovative ways of using data. Some labels will enter the stock market and become publicly traded, making this industry an even more valued asset within the global marketplace. Therefore, the music industry is looking for more unique skill sets than it was even five years ago.  

    Connecting with ADVANCE is the best place to start. This membership-based organization includes those who are already in the industry as well as those who would like to learn more about the industry. Involvement with ADVANCE can help you with career transition, industry insight, and open doors for new graduates through paid internships. With exams season over for college and university scholars and community programs coming to an end, ADVANCE wants to encourage interested grads to reach out to us! 

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    Keziah Myers

    Keziah Myers is the Executive Director of ADVANCE - Canada’s Black Music Business Collective. Her main role is to advocate for the betterment, upliftment, and retention of Black Talent within the music industry.

    More info: www.advancemusic.org

    Facebook + Instagram: @keziahmyers
    ADVANCE Instagram: @advancemusicca

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