16 Oct 2014

    Love, Sax and All That Jazz Heats Up Toronto

    Awarding-winning Gospel Artist Alan Charles’ hit UK comedy stage play Love, Sax and All That Jazz is coming to Toronto. 

    The play was written to address relationship topics the church has long shied away from. It tackles the question why do men cheat?

    Charles says there are external and internal reasons why men cheat. “One of them is because women allow them to cheat, in the sense that, other women are willing to be in a relationship with a man who is already in a committed relationship,” he says. “Half a man is better than no man. A side love is better than no love at all.”

    Charles says the play is such a success because it deals with issues the church refuses to talk about such as relationships, romance and sex.

    “Sex has a bad image but it’s so good within a marriage,” he said. “Hollywood has corrupted the whole idea of sex.”

    Church of God pastor and play producer, Roger Grandison, decided to bring the hit play to Canada after reading the script and resonating with its message.

    “These may not be topics I explore during my sermons, but they are topics people seek my advice about after the service. I think there is no better way to approach uncomfortable subjects than with humour, and this script had me laughing with every page! It may have also, taught me a thing or two about the complexities of modern day dating for Christians,” says Grandison.

    Charles says there are no sugar coated messages played out in Love, Sax and All that Jazz. “We give it to you raw.”

    Charles says people will be able to identify with the characters on stage, which will begin an open dialogue about what really happens in troubled marriages. He wants audiences to go away challenged by the self-sacrificing message in the play.

    “Relationship is about negotiation and compromise,” he says.

    The cast includes renowned British actors; Lloyd Reid, Angela Blake and Adrian Betton.

    Love, Sax and All that Jazz opens on Saturday, October 25 at the House of Praise Tabernacle, 800 Arrow Rd, North York.

    Tickets can be purchased for $30 in advance at tickets.ticketwindow.ca, or for $35 at the door. Doors open at 6:00 pm and the show starts 7:00 pm.


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    Lucy Oneka

    Lucy Oneka is a playwright and journalist. She has covered many stories for Toronto based newspapers such as the East York Observer, the Scarborough Observer, and the Toronto Observer. Lucy’s other passion is music. She is a two time semi-finalist of the prestigious UK Song Writing Contest and recently released her own debut gospel album, “You Are Faithful”.

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