13 Sep 2013

    When It all Falls Down - Stage Play by Natalie Miller


    Natalie Miller's stage play “When It All Falls Down” by Cindy Ramkumar 

    Don’t be deceived by the play’s name “When It All Falls Down”, the reaction and reviews of the play by the attendees were opposite to the notion of the crumbling and falling. It was a unique, theatrical experience, full of life, music, rhythm and story.

    The writer/director/producer Natalie Miller, age 23, credits her foundation and strengths to her parents. She is determined to open doors in the film and multimedia industry where no other young black woman has dared to open.  This young lady runs a tight and fun ship, with a cast ranging from 17 to 50 years.  Natalie Miller also is the CEO and founder of Hope TV and has taken her passion for writing to the next level of acting.

    The story demonstrated choices and life’s struggles; showing that to gain in life, oftentimes something must be lost, understanding fully well the outcomes of sacrifice are different from the expectations. With a thought-provoking, very deep story-line, the accompaniment of music and lighting sanctified the strength of the play.

    Props and costumes could have been more diverse. In situations where the scenes changed over a time period, the costumes did not. Budgetary constraints? Maybe? There were some mundane moments and the play was staggered. Some audience members just lulling off.  These dull moments occurred while the 3 friends were in their workplace, constantly folding, prepping clothes, and talking.

    The play was overall well-orchestrated, in particular the music and lighting. Other than the few set and costume improvements required, a good play, solid actors (no one forgot their lines) and an excellent storyline.

    Would others view this play again? Most definitely based on feedback received.

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