31 May 2016

Thanks For Making Us #1

Thank you for making us #1. In the month of May 2016 alone we’ve had nearly 40,000 unique visitors.

And according to the Internet’s most prestigous ranking service Alexa, ByBlacks.com is the #1 Black online magazine in Canada! Check out their site and download the app to see how your website stacks up against your competitors. 

We’ve expanded to include a range of new experts including a naturopathic doctor, and a diversity and education consultant. We’ll be introducing them to you soon. And we are excited to be working with at least one new young writer every month.

Our Huffington Post partnership continues to grow. Last month one of our featured articles exploded on Twitter with dozens of likes and shares. It attracted over 200 comments. Not all of them were positive but hey, this is the Internet.

Our recent articles include a painfully revealing but hopeful column on infertility by Dr. Nekessa Remy, an unfiltered look at male insecurity around women who work out by Devon Jones, and an uplifting profile on the Black Canadian filmmaker behind a groundbreaking new group called Black Women Film! We’re so excited that you love our content enough to put us in the #1 spot. It only gets better from here!

If you’re looking to get some exposure for your business, or you have an event coming up that you need to advertise, we’ve got a summer special for the month of June: 50% off the cost of the top left banner space on the home page. Order now here or contact us for more info at sales (at) byblacks.com.

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