31 Mar 2019

Commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the First Black-led Delegation to Ottawa

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Sixty-years ago, on April 27, 1954, a group of determined men and women, led by Barbadian Donald Moore, made the journey from Toronto to Ottawa to present a brief to the Canadian government, protesting the discriminatory laws that made it difficult for Black and other non-White immigrants to enter Canada.

23 Mar 2019

AfroQuiz: The African Heritage Jeopardy

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AfroQuiz is a twist on the traditional Jeopardy game and the brainchild of Malcolm Azania, a community activist and published author.

20 Mar 2019

Oui Stem Academy: Filling the Gap In Ontario's Outdated Educational System

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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education are now more accessible to girls and youth of colour. Dilesha Stelmach launched the not-for-profit Oui Stem Academy (OSA) to fill the gap of the outdated Ontario Educational curriculum.

07 Mar 2019

These Black Women Are Making It Rain In Software Sales

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Pictured above: Amena Agbaje, Partner Manager, US East, Shopify Plus

02 Mar 2019

The Green Book's Canadian Connection

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The Green Book has generated some well deserved discussion over the past year. Unfortunately, that discussion has been focused on the success of a film that dishonors the legacy of Don Shirley by placing the focus on his white driver.

27 Feb 2019

Montreal's Black Pioneers: They Paved The Way For Others

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When Gwen Lord applied to become a teacher with the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal in 1961, she was relieved the interviewer was someone she knew well, the father of a best friend. She hoped graduating top of her class with a bachelor’s degree in science and a specialty in education from Sir George Williams University (now Concordia) would trump skin colour. It would not.

27 Feb 2019

U of A Researcher Unearths Hidden Female Figures Of Canadian Black History

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You likely know February is dedicated to celebrating Black history, officially in Canada since a motion passed in the House of Commons in 1995. But do you know who introduced that motion?

27 Feb 2019

‘My Family Has Been Here Since Before Canada Was A Country’

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In a quiet Oak Bay cafe, Ron Nicholson strummed the side of his coffee mug as he delved into his thoughts. As a director of the BC Black History Awareness Society, Nicholson’s historical knowledge intertwines with his own personal history.

21 Feb 2019

Unlocking Toronto’s Black History with Urban Expeditions

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If you want to understand my basic ambivalence toward the concept of a “Black History Month”, then just tap the word “consolation” into your Google browser. Within the span of one second, you will be treated to a dropdown definition along the lines of “the comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment” or “a person or thing providing comfort to a person who has suffered.”

20 Feb 2019

Demeaned, Overworked And All Called George: How Black Train Porters Transformed Canada

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During the golden age of North American train travel, sleeping cars often came with porters who would carry your luggage and shine your shoes. Porters were smiling, courteous and unfailingly polite; for the better part of the last century, they were also Black, male, and sometimes referred to condescendingly as “George’s boys” — or, simply, “George.”

19 Feb 2019

50 Years of Breaking Down the Barriers to Higher Education

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It’s the little program that grew - the roots of The Transitional Year Programme (TYP) at the University of Toronto began in the African Canadian community through two summer programs in 1969 and 1970, and since then, hundreds of graduates have gone onto successful careers in the last 50 years.

18 Feb 2019

Edmonton Man Shines Light On Alberta’s Racist Past With Interactive Archive

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An Edmonton man is making sure awareness for black history isn’t confined to the 28 days that make up Black History Month.

12 Feb 2019

Racialized Students Achievement Gaps Are A Red-Alert

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Toronto public schools have major and rising student achievement gaps based on race and income, according to a recent landmark report. One of the biggest blocks to closing these gaps is educators’ understanding of why these gaps exist and the methods used to try and close them.


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