12 Jan 2018

Black Pain - Why Do You Have To See It To Believe It?

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When I was in my teens, I went with my high school’s journalism club on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina for a conference. During our down-time, we visited the town’s sleepy locales, including the much-renowned Old Slave Mart and the nearby Charleston City Market.

07 Nov 2017

I Had So Many "Me Too" Moments When Reading The Black On Bay Street Story

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There were so many moments of Me Too in Hadiya Roderique's Globe & Mail article that I felt like I should take her out for a glass of my favorite malbec to say Thank you.

14 Aug 2017

Student Debt Management 101: Get it Under Control BEFORE Graduation

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As thousands of students get ready to head back to class, for those in post-secondary, a new responsibility is now a part of student life: finances.

09 Aug 2017

She.lace Wants To Show The World That Women Love Sneakers

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Mahatma Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Jamila Husbands and Kiah Welsh are prime examples of that. These two women have embarked on a journey to empower women from all walks of life. "How?" you may ask. Two words--"she.lace." 

07 Aug 2017

How To Tell A Legit Online Casino From A Bogus One

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Online slots like www.allslotscasino.com or any of the other well known online casino sites are now just as popular as traditional casinos. Here are some tips to keep your money safe online.

02 Aug 2017

Comparing Student Loan Options in the U.S. and Canada

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Borrowing to finance higher education goals has become standard practice in both the United States and Canada.

23 Jun 2017

Why I'll Never Take A Role As A Servant

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“I’d love to see you play a Hamlet one day, or Macbeth or any role you want and deserve, regardless of gender or race or anything else.” One of my mentors said those words to me with an undeniable spark in her eyes as we spoke about the state of theatre in Toronto.

11 Jun 2017

The Inglorious Side Of Tech

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I entered the technology field a few years ago for a number of reasons. I love innovation. I often question the status quo and try to push my comfort zones. I enjoy the thought of change and how often only through change, do we see the improvements in our everyday lives and in the larger world that we envision.

30 May 2017

Montreal Sports Roundup 2017

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Montreal boasts an exciting calendar of events this year, giving you the perfect opportunity to follow young and aspiring athletes as they break through the barriers of the sporting world.

07 May 2017

My Hidden Battle With Eczema

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We hear stories of people affected by all kinds of skin conditions including vitiligo and lupus, and everything else in between.

22 Apr 2017

The Exhausting Reality Of Being A Black Woman At Work

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I will never forget the day when I was 5 years old and my father sat me down to have “the talk.” He told me “when you get older you will have to work 10 times harder because of your brown skin. Don’t think for a second that because you are beautiful and intelligent, you will always be treated with respect.”

14 Apr 2017

The Future Of Work & Preparing Your Child For 2030

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08 Apr 2017

Rachel Dolezal And Her Fantasy Blackness

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So, you've heard by now. Rachel Dolezal is now Nkechi Amare Diallo.


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