13 May 2014

Reparation — It is long overdue!

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What is Reparation? Reparation is first and foremost a moral obligation and then a legal obligation. There is a marked distinction between an individual

13 May 2014

What is Intelligence?

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What is Intelligence? Is intelligence the same as education, knowledge, wisdom, or understanding? Is human intelligence the same as spiritual intelligence?

24 Apr 2014

The Black That I Am

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The BLACK that I am … I came to the realization that dark skin was an issue circa 1994 through the informal education system called recess.

23 Apr 2014

What is Violence? Problem or Symptom!

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What is violence? Why is violence such a worldwide phenomenon among human beings? At the dawn of the twenty–first century, and the emergence of the digital age,

18 Apr 2014

Who is a Christian?

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Who is a Christian? A Christian is one who openly confesses his or her sins, seeks forgiveness, and commits to following the teachings of Jesus Christ. He or she is then transformed by the Holy Spirit and by God,

05 Apr 2014

God’s Perspective on Human Relationships

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God’s perspective on human relationships can take on greater levels of harmony among human beings when we begin with our spiritual relationship with Him.

14 Mar 2014

Family: The Foundation of Society

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When something goes wrong within our society we look to our governments for answers, because governments have the expressed responsibility, and the macro–administrative mechanisms to address problems of society.

02 Mar 2014

Why I Left The Church; Being Gay Had Nothing To Do With It

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My parents raised me with a level of piousness that was nauseating.

20 Oct 2013

Rethinking Masculinity

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MADMEN, Suits, Hell’s Kitchen, Holmes on Homes, Property brothers, Love it or List it, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Anderson Cooper... today’s media is challenging old ideas of what masculinity looks like.

04 Oct 2013

What is multiculturalism?

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Reproduced under express permission of the author Errol Gibbs. Thanks for the opportunity to share for a few moments. I begin with some thoughts about multiculturalism as I draw a contrast between two social ideals, but first:

03 Oct 2013

5 things that happened after the Dr. Oz Cleanse

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You know sometimes you get to that point. Your jeans go up a size every time you buy a new pair. You start feeling tired more often than you want to, and your doctor insists that you start to exercise.

27 Aug 2013

What is Authority?

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Human authority is an unmerited gift from God. How should one exercise human authority? Are there limits to human authority? Is there an ultimate authority?

27 Jun 2013

Thoughts on Greatness and the Defence of Selfishness

Written by

After reading a few recent interviews by hip hop star Kanye West... I've been thinking about this concept of greatness. West has been notoriously labelled an egomaniac and complete a-hole.


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