04 Aug 2018

Joyous resistance through costume and dance at Carnival

Written by

We partied morning to morning, and a joyous spirit permeated everything; speech, customs and appearances. The centrepiece of it all were wheeled fantasy islands (floats) inhabited by amazingly glamorous yet exquisitely vulgar costumed creatures played by Carnival masqueraders.

21 Jul 2018

Maybe Ontario’s Sex Ed Curriculum Needs A Vagina Monologue

Written by

At 18, I joined the ensemble cast of the first staging of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues in Jamaica.

21 Jul 2018

The Derozan Trade Shows Why Players Should Be Selfish About Their NBA Future

Written by

When LeBron James made “The Decision” to leave the Cavaliers in 2010, his jersey was burned all over Cleveland and he went from one of the most beloved to most disliked athletes overnight before bouncing back in more recent years.

21 Jul 2018

'I Don't See Race' And Other White Lies

Written by

No one white really wants to talk about being white.

15 Jul 2018

Two Candidates Have The Chance To Unseat John Tory - They’re Both Black And Brilliant

Written by

The next municipal election on October 22nd is an opportunity for the Black community to have a seat at the table…and it’s maybe a bigger table than you’ve envisioned.

04 Jul 2018

The Gun Violence Conversation We're Not Having

Written by

Gun violence. It’s the term on everyone’s lips these days, and with good reason.

20 Jun 2018

Abdoul Abdi Hearing Speaks Volumes About How Canada Treats Child Refugees

Written by

Abdoul Abdi’s sister Fatuma once told me that the reason she and Abdoul do not speak Somali is because when they would speak to each other in their language, the workers would put them on time out and isolate them in their rooms, accusing them of plotting together to escape.

14 Jun 2018

We Are Not On The Same Side…And I’m Ok With That

Written by

After the recent provincial election, here’s what I’ve learned.

13 Jun 2018

Why We Can't "Take Blackface Back" As A Way To Protest Racism

Written by

The recent contentious debate between rappers Drake and Pusha-T has once again brought blackface to people’s minds.

02 Jun 2018

How To Be An Ally - During Pride Month And Beyond

Written by

We have made enormous strides in acceptance and inclusion of our LGBTQI2S+ community members over the last few decades.

21 May 2018

Second Starters: Too Young to Retire, But Young Enough to Finally Chase That Dream

Written by

It feels like there is a movement happening with a certain age group. They are not quite empty nesters, but their children are pretty much grown or at least self-sufficient in a lot of ways.

12 May 2018

“I Felt Psychologically Detained” - The Mental Health Effects Of Policing In Canada

Written by

A Hamilton police officer was recently acquitted of charges of discreditable conduct after city councilor, Matthew Green filed a complaint against the Hamilton Police Services (HPS) for being racially profiled.

09 May 2018

Banking While Black: The Business Of Exclusion

Written by

Black Canadians are twice as likely as those in the overall Canadian population to have low incomes, get shot, be unemployed and to encounter systemic bias that interferes with equal access to goods and services. The financial world is no exception.


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