03 Aug 2017

Cluck Clucks Legendary Fried Chicken

We had a friend from out of town come and visit us recently. Obviously, being a good Torontonian and a good host, we decided to take our guest on a tour of Toronto nightlife.

Also obviously, the night turned out great, but in the morning, the greatness started to fade. Our friend is a fried chicken connoisseur, so when we told him that Clucks Clucks makes legendary fried chicken and waffles, he scoffed saying "What do you Canadians know?"

WELL FRIEND, WE KNOW. Cluck Clucks isn't just some chicken tossed in batter; it is an escape into a flavor adventure. It starts with quality and precision as well as meticulous attention to ingredients. The menu is small and direct, it is fried chicken and it is sandwiched or served with waffles. The waffles have an added twist of being prepared with jalapeno and cheese. Returning to our friend, needless to say, he did not talk much during our visit to Cluck Clucks; he was too busy stuffing his face. But enough about our friend, click below to check out the What We Dig experience at Cluck Clucks.

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