11 Mar 2016

    Review: Fresh Paint Studio and Café

    Fresh Paint Studio and Café is the newest business to open its doors in the thriving neighbourhood of East Danforth.

    Located between Coxwell and Woodbine station, Fresh Paint fuses artist’s studio and café into one memorable experience. In creating Fresh Paint, owner Roxane Tracey wanted to provide a space where anyone can ‘create art fearlessly’ as the tagline suggests.

    Walking along the Danforth, Fresh Paint stands out with rows of easels in the windows just waiting for you to come in and create. On my visit, a woman is quietly creating in the corner, the portrait of a small child. A father is guiding his young daughter through a wildly expressive piece of art. It is a bonding experience. When it’s all said and done, she will remember the time she painted with Dad at the café.

    Cafes have always thrived on an open door, come in sit and sip policy but Fresh Paint enhances this concept with the inclusion of art. The concept is simple- select your medium, choose your canvas and paint! If you need inspiration, there are line drawings to work with. Canvases start at about $20 and cost goes up from there depending on what you need.

    If you’re nervous about free flow painting, the studio offers classes and workshops in everything from painting on canvas to Batik on wood using wax and dyes. Painting parties are available for groups and families. This cool concept allows you to paint on one canvas producing a collective art piece.

    Fresh Paint’s layout and café style is immediately inviting and comfortable, VERY comfortable. A necessary design choice for welcoming in nervous and shy art amateurs. If the art doesn’t get you, the café menu will. Fresh Paint serves up all the café classics- coffee, tea and lattes. But it veers from the expected course with fruit smoothies and yummy waffle cups. Whatever you fancy, you’re sure to have a fresh experience and maybe come out on the other side feeling like an artist.

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    Teneile Warren

    Teneile Warren is a proud queer mom, writer, chef and equity educator. Her writing has appeared in ByBlacks, Huffington Post and Barren Magazine. She is an editorial advisor and mentor for Textile Magazine. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her wife, son and three furbabies. She explores identity, social issues and community through words and food. Find her on Twitter @iamquagmire 

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