17 Jun 2016

    I Need To Know My Father Is Back!

    (PRESS RELEASE) After premiering in June of 2011, little did Marcia Brown, founder and artistic director of Marcia Brown Productions (MBP) know that in 2016 I Need To Know My Father (written and directed by Brown) would still be running and in demand.

    An audience member had in-fact proclaimed to Brown after watching the play in 2011 that she should prepare for a very long run but she still could not have fathomed that it meant to 2016. It is also looking at this point that the 2016 revival of the play by MBP could open up many more opportunities, as requests for repeat performance at a few churches are already in the works.

    The popularity of I Need To Know My Father can be summed up with words such as Powerful, Relevant, Warm, Dramatic yet Highly Comedic, True-to-Life, Brilliant. Refreshing, Poignant etc. These are choice words consistently echoed by audience members when asked for their review, thoughts or impression of the play

    I Need To Know My Father may best be described as a Dramedy (filled with drama and an ample belly-full of laugh). It is set in what could be ‘anywhere’ Jamaica and tells the story of 16 Year Old Lisa Perkins (Rochelle Robinson and Amanda Campbell) who is the product of Sarah Perkins (Stacy-Ann Buchanan) and Jonathan Bonavich Jr. (Damian Brown). Sarah, however, was deemed to be not worthy and in the same social status and standing of Jr. so she was shunned by Jr.’s mother, Claire Bonavich (Letna Allen-Rowe and Danae Peart) hence denying Lisa the legal rights to know her father.

    The other cast of characters include Naggo Morris, the simple but passionate and humorous Roy Perkins, grandfather, great-grandfather, deacon and husband to Louise Perkins, a committed grandmother, great-grandmother, maid and believer in God played by Marcia Brown; There is also Kevin Davis who plays Jonathan Bonavitch Sr.

    I Need To Know My Father highlights that parents and ideally mother and father are important for a child’s development and success and reminds us that classism and prejudices have ripple effects on lives even for generations and will ultimately bring us face to face to a higher power. Most importantly I Need To Know My Father pinpoints; “to err is human but to forgive is divine” and the “divine” turn of events will leave you wanting for more!!

    Be prepared to be moved to tears whether from humour or that emotional crevice we seldom bring in public realms where you cry because it resonates or tears up for apathy. As quoted by a previous attendee “I was so enthralled by the action on stage, that I forgot where I was and allowed my emotions to take control” I Need To Know My Father is that real!

    I Need To Know My Father runs for 2 performances only at the Jamaican Canadian Centre 995 Arrow Road, this Father’s day weekend, Saturday, June 18 @ 8 PM and Sunday, June 19 @ 6 PM. Tickets are $35.00 Advance and $40.00 at the door. 

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