17 Jan 2017

    100 ABC Women Shines A Well-Deserved Spotlight On Black Canadian Women

    With Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary, the release of the recently published book, “100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women” is perfect for the occasion.

    What better way to celebrate some of the outstanding people who make up and continuously contribute to this country? “100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women” presents a diverse group of women excelling in a wide range of fields, including fine arts, legal, real estate, health, and the non-profit sector.

    On June 27th, 2017, a project launch was held at Ryerson University where the book’s three co-authors, Hon. Dr. Jean Augustine, Dauna Jones-Simmonds, and Dr. Denise O’Neil Green discussed their accomplishments for 2016 and their goals for the upcoming year. They explained that they came together on this project to acknowledge, highlight, and recognize Black Canadian women and their professional accomplishments. Their motivation: a void in black female representation in publications and the media and the belief that black women have gone unnoticed for far too long.

    During the launch, the authors revealed that over 500 books were sold, but creating the publication was much bigger than raising capital. The purpose of the project was to empower women all over Canada and celebrate their endeavours. The authors proudly explained that the profits made from the books contributed to honorariums for three recipients across Canada who were awarded for their hard work within their communities.

    The 100 ABC project launch was definitely a night to remember filled with high energy, delicious food, and women from all walks of life. The night was capped off with a call for volunteers for the 2018 project, and a testimony from Dr. Ana Jarvis, retired Staff Physician in the Division of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Professor Emerita at the Department of Paediatrics, University of Toronto (U of T). Dr. Jarvis shared her tremendous love for medicine and her need to serve and protect others. For her, like many of the women honoured in the pages of “100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women,” that is the greatest reward.

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    Sharee Williams

    Hi there! I’m Sharee a passionate creative who is just trying to figure out this thing we call life. 

    Writing and journalling has always been something dear to me so I figured why not share it with others. It’s my therapy of choice and who knows it could be for you too, let me know! 


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