03 Aug 2017

    Injera + Chill Explores Culture Through Food

    Where there is food and more than four Black people, there’s a party.

    Whether you’re Jamaican, Nigerian, Ethiopian, Trinidadian or Canadian, food has always been at the core of gathering in our community. Eden Hagos and her team at Black Foodie, building on the communal experience of sharing a meal, created injera + chill. The event invites patrons to share in the joy of Ethiopian and Eritrean food, make friends and party.

    The most recent instalment, held on July 16 at Pearl Lounge was the perfect union of a cultural immersion and a chill Sunday vibes. This was aided by the choice of location, a lounge and rooftop patio in the middle of the city had the feel of a Sunday afternoon family barbecue. Entering the top floor, you are greeted by Afrobeats and the buffet by Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant. FYI: If you haven’t eaten at Abyssinia, you need to!

    With iced coffee from Boona Boona Coffee, Ethiopian chai tea samples by Tib Tib Tea from New York and an Ethiopian coffee ceremony by Buna The Soul of Coffee, injera + chill offered much to explore. Though the food was firmly rooted in one region of Africa, the music covered all the genres the African Diaspora has to offer.

    Black Foodie events always include food with your ticket price, and are still affordable. This isn’t easy to achieve but with a goal of encouraging the exploration Black, African and Caribbean culture through food this perk is a necessary one.

    As a Jamaican, I spent most of the event observing what I assumed was a room of predominantly Ethiopians and Eritreans, understanding almost instinctively why Eden founded Black Foodie and created these events: to embrace who we are and share our culture within and outside the Black community.  Take my advice and DON’T miss the next Black Foodie event.

    You’re in luck! This Caribana Sunday Black Foodie will be hosting Doubles vs. Patties : the battle of the Caribbean snacks. Enjoy complimentary doubles versus oxtail and jerk chicken patties by nyam. Chef Joe Friday of the Underground Chef Co will be grilling up some jerk eats while DJ Marlon Mack spins the best in dancehall, soca and reggae.

    See you at the Food Society where I’ll be casting my vote for the patties!

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    Teneile Warren

    Teneile Warren is a proud queer mom, writer, chef and equity educator. Her writing has appeared in ByBlacks, Huffington Post and Barren Magazine. She is an editorial advisor and mentor for Textile Magazine. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her wife, son and three furbabies. She explores identity, social issues and community through words and food. Find her on Twitter @iamquagmire 

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