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06 Mar 2020

Karlyn Percil Launches New Digital Resource For Black & Indigenous Women in The Workplace Featured

A first of its kind: The WEll-Being Playbook is a culturally specific guide for employers and employees.

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Karlyn Percil of KDPM Consulting Group Inc. is set to release The WEll-Being Playbook – a racially and culturally focused digital resource that aims to increase inclusivity around workplace wellness and highlight regional well-being offerings. 

“For many Black, Indigenous or women of colour, just living and leading our lives at work comes with an emotional tax,” said Karlyn Percil-Mercieca, creator of The WEll-Being Playbook and Chief Executive Officer of KDPM Consulting Group Inc. “It’s an invisible and additional source of anxiety in the form of daily discrimination that impacts our lives, dreams, work and health.  Why are we waiting to prioritize our well-being when statistics show that now is the time to start addressing these issues.” 

The WEll-Being Playbook was inspired in part by the Race Relations in Canada 2019 Survey by Environics Canada, which found that the majority of Canadians who are Black (54%) or Indigenous (53%) have personally experienced discrimination due to race or ethnicity from time to time, if not regularly.

The Playbook fills the gap in workplace wellness offerings by featuring regional wellness practitioners who are racially and culturally diverse. Further, it provides more awareness and culturally relevant options to help individuals thrive mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The Playbook is designed to support the entire self, not just the professional side and inspires users to prioritize their well-being, to thrive and get exactly what they desire in life and at work. 

“When a person experiences racism, stress is tripled for people of colour – it shortens their life, especially when there’s nothing a person can do,” said Dr. Kwame McKenzie, CEO of The Wellesley Institute.  The WEll-Being Playbook features personalized wellness plans and evidence-based research by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour that focuses on the importance of optimum health and the fundamental need for inclusion.

The digital resource fosters a shared network of users who can provide insight on their personal wellness journeys.

Learn more about The WEll-Being Playbook here.

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