19 Oct 2019

Brampton Waterway Named After Reggae Music Industry Icon Karl Mullings Featured

PHOTO COURTESY MAYOR PATRICK BROWN: Family, Friends, The Mayor & Community Members in Attendance. From left to right: Ashley Davis, Tipper Henry, Garnett Manning, Mayor Of Brampton Patrick Brown, Karl Winston Mullings-Pinnock, Carrie Mullings, Damian DaSilva, Jordan Mullings, Tanya Mullings, Brampton West MP candidate Murarilal Thapliyal, Trey DaSilva, Luther Brown & Keely Davis.

An ecosystem is a series of networks, channels, & resources all working together to provide for its inhabitants. It provides nourishment and sources what it’s community needs to function at a higher capacity.

Today, we highlight & celebrate the musical ecosystem that bridged the gap between Canada and Jamaica. The late Karl Winston Mullings was this and more.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the KW Mullings Channel on Oct 17th coincidentally the 50th birthday of Karl’s eldest daughter & founder of Stages Canada, Carrie Mullings.

Daughters Tanya Mullings; veteran reggae artist & Multi-award winner, and Karl’s youngest Keely Davis, celebrated with Garnett Manning, the Mayor of Brampton Patrick Brown, & Brampton West MP candidate Murarilal Thapliyal.  

Family, friends and city officials weathered the crisp air and brisk wind that blew across the channel. Opening the ceremony was a welcomed warm sound from recording artist Natural Fyah whose vocal interlude & tribute song opened the ceremony perfectly. 

Among attendees at the historic event were close friends of Karl’s, namely; Tipper Henry & Luther Brown, who spoke heartfelt words which highlighted their fondest memories of Karl Mullings and his contributions to the community and the growth of the genre—reggae both in Canada & Jamaica. 

The Mullings family are honoured to have shared such a memorable event with the very community that their father & patriarch worked so hard to help grow and sustain and in a city which he also called home.

20191019 Karl Winston Mullings Brampton Channel 900x538

Luther Brown and Mullings sisters Carrie, Keely & Tanya receiving a Certificate Of Recognition from the City Of Brampton presented by Mayor Patrick Brown. (Photo courtesy of Danae Peart)

More about Karl Winston Mullings (courtesy Sistah D)

Karl Winston Mullings was born on March 11, 1942 in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, graduating from Cornwall College.  Mullings managed artist such as the late Jackie Mittoo, Lynn Taitt , Hopeton Lewis, The Fabulous Flames and bands like, The Cavaliers, The Sheiks, and The Cougars.  At the end of a North American tour with Jackie Opal & The Sheiks that ended in Toronto, Karl Mullings,  and members of the Sheiks, loved the Canadian city and stayed on to start a new life.  The Cougars were created, based on the talents of the late Jackie Mittoo.
That move was the first major step in bringing his professional and personal life to a new level, becoming an integral part of a vibrant developing community, and starting his own family as well as helping new local artists on their own paths.
As a manager and promoter, Karl opened various clubs along the way: Club Jamaica, West Indian Federation (WIF) Club and finally the Caribana Club.  He began promoting Jamaican artists throughout Canada.  If God created anyone as what we refer to as a ‘people person’ and a man of honour, he did so in Karl Mullings.  In addition to his knowledge of the industry, he was also quite skilled in negotiation techniques and networking and quickly became an advisor to many others in the industry, including artists, promoters, producers and radio programmers. 

20191020 Karl Winston Mullings 900x538px
Throughout his intense career in Canada, the soft-spoken Karl was a man of vision.  His vision included his creative participation as co-founder of the cultural event that became Caribana.  Karl was later involved in the creation of Jamaica Day in Toronto, an annual community festival celebrating Jamaica’s Independence featuring international and local based artists, an extensive range of vendors and family activities.  
As one could expect from a man whose life was ingrained with music, Karl’s lovely daughters became involved in the industry as well.  Carrie developed her talents in radio broadcasting, promotions, event hosting and production, and the smooth voiced Tanya evolved into a dynamic international artist blessed not only with talent and style, but blessed with Karl’s management skills in guiding her career.
Rightly so, in 1994, he was awarded the Peter Tosh Memorial Award by the Canadian Reggae Music Awards.  In January 2005 he was awarded the Circle of Distinction Award by the radio program, "Caribbean Crucible" for his service to reggae music. Affectionately called "Mullo" and "Mayor of Brampton" Karl Mullings will be remembered as a reliable and trustworthy colleague and genuine friend. 

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