Micca Vanvield

Micca Vanvield

Micca Vanvield is the Founder and Certified Romance Travel Designer at Micca Vanvield Travel, where they design soulful travel for the weddings and romance market.

Micca has been travelling the globe for the past 17 years and started her business to marry her love for travel and being in Love. Her experience includes working as a travel consultant, managing a store front travel agency, and now running her own travel business. She believes that her purpose is to always find a solution and to never take NO for an answer, and her satisfied clients are the proof of that. She accomplishes this by connecting with her clients and helping them hit the bull’s-eye of how they really feel about their getaway.

Micca provides a getaway experience like no other and believes that romance starts with you feeling loved. Whether you are looking to travel with your loved one, find love, or simply feel loved, she has got you covered. She believes that the best way to guide her clients is by having firsthand experience so she takes multiple trips per year to a variety of destinations and loves nurturing those key on-site relationships. This has led her to the planning of countless honeymoons, anniversary getaways and destination weddings.

Micca is ready to help you connect, clear your mind, take a load off and simply relax.

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