Craig Wellington

Craig Wellington

Craig Wellington is an accomplished senior executive with extensive experience in leadership positions in private and public sector organizations. He is a former head of marketing for Toronto's Caribana Festival. Wellington also serves as managing editor for two acclaimed print and digital professional publications for local government managers and leaders.

Wellington has been a regular guest on CBC national radio. He has hosted and co-produced a national special exploring the Canadian immigrant experience. And at the invitation of the Canadian Embassy in Washington - he supported the execution of an annual fundraising gala for the Smithsonian Museums’ Anacostia Museum for African American History.

Open Your Umbrella It's Raining Racism

Monday, 14 November 2016 18:11
Just days after the Trump victory, incidents of extreme racism are popping up all over the U.S. 
Alton Sterling. Shot dead by Police. Selling CDs. Caught on video. Another one. 
Why do we need “yet another” slavery movie, Roots or otherwise? In the past 4 years, Hollywood has illustrated a healthy predilection for films depicting African Americans as slaves, or in positions of domestic servitude.