27 Jun 2015

    Things I Lost After Marrying A White Woman

    "You absorb the light; I reflect it." It's a joke my wife recently made after several failed attempts at taking an "usie" outdoors while the sun shined down on us.

    It was too hard to find an angle that could balance our contrasting skin tones. Rebecca is white and I am black. In several of our photos, (that don't make it to social media) she can be seen glowing. We laugh about it. I tease her. It is simply the nature of things. In 2015, interracial relationships should be the nature of things.

    "There are good black women out there you know," she says to me.

    This is the beginning of a short conversation I have with a stranger on the train after my wife kisses me goodbye and exits at her stop. These are the moments that have been a constant since we first met. Not just with strangers but with friends. Well, former friends.

    Last Pride, I was showing a picture of Rebecca to one of these former friends. Her response, "Why does she have to be white? There are so many great black girls and they like you." That was our last conversation and heralded the end of our friendship. It was only the beginning of a rollercoaster of change in my life. Since falling in love with the woman who would become my wife, there has been an inexplicable beauty in the world. Unfortunately, I have also been reminded that the beauty is visible because of all that is ugly.

    Here are 5 things I lost after marrying a white woman:

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    Teneile Warren

    Teneile Warren is a proud queer mom, writer, chef and equity educator. Her writing has appeared in ByBlacks, Huffington Post and Barren Magazine. She is an editorial advisor and mentor for Textile Magazine. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario with her wife, son and three furbabies. She explores identity, social issues and community through words and food. Find her on Twitter @iamquagmire 

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