16 Jul 2015

    Best of The #GrowingUpBlack Trend That Took Over Twitter

    What are some of your fondest memories of childhood in a black household?

    Was it your mom or grandma struggling to comb your hair as you sat between her legs? What about trying hard to swallow the laughs as you watched your cousin get a whooping –even though you knew you were next?

    If you did the “uh-huh” and nodded in agreement when you read those, then you’re not alone. #GrowingUpBlack was trending on Twitter on Tuesday. Millions of people shared funny, serious and shocking memories of their black childhood experiences. 

    Although Black Twitter took the blue bird and ran with it all day, the hashtag goes back to 2012 (Yes, I did a lot of scrolling and it was a pain). The person who seemed to have inspired the hashtag is kid comedian Zay Zay, who was five years old when he released a video on YouTube called “Growing Up Black”, sharing and ranting about some of the things black parents do. Once the video picked up traction, so did the hashtag--which took on a life of its own on Twitter:

    Since then, Black people all over the globe have been sharing their #GrowingUpBlack experiences. On Tuesday I found myself re-living my childhood with strangers who seemed to have been raised in my home.

    If you missed the boat on this trend, here are some of the best tweets. Share your #GrowingUpBlack stories in the comments section below.




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    Dominique Warne

    “Your past determined who you are; your present, what you will be.”

    Dominique Warne is a student of the Bachelor of Creative Advertising Program at Humber. Before migrating to Canada to continue her post-secondary education, she got her “big break” in Advertising & Marketing unknowingly at an early age. As young as 10 years old, Dominique would help promote, manage and sell the products in her grandmother’s little shop in Jamaica, her homeland.

    Inspired by innovative ideas and people who are passionate about their goals, she is always eager to share an empowering story or idea she discovered. To feed her curiosity Dominique practices photography, enjoys reading, travelling and seeking new experiences, the most recent being spelunking.

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