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22 Jun 2016

Top 10 Caribbean Islands To Visit in 2016

When thinking about taking a vacation we tend to ask ourselves the following questions.

What's the best place to visit? What’s the food like? What will the weather be like? What about mosquitos? What about entertainment and attractions?

A recent study done by TripAdvisor answers some of these questions and ranked the best Caribbean islands to visit. The awards are based on millions of reviews and opinions from travelers around the world. The awards reflect “the best of the best” for service, quality, and customer satisfaction, from hotels and accommodations to destinations, attractions, and even brands and products, according to the website. The following is a list of Trip Advisor’s top 10 islands to visit.

1. Jamaica

2. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

3. Puerto Rico

4. Barbados

5. Aruba

6. St Lucia

7. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

8. St Maarten-St Martin

9. St John, US Virgin Islands

10. Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

I've travelled to the #1 island plenty of times and will be hosting several unique island tours there. Here are just a few highlights why you would want to visit Jamaica.

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Negril - famous for the most beautiful sunsets Negril sits on Jamaica's west coast. Visit Rick's Cafe for a fantastic show where you can see professional divers jump over 100 ft. You can also visit Negril to party it up for Bob Marley’s birthday Bash and Dream Weekend. Or even run in the Reggae Marathon with runners from across the globe while ending in the ocean along the stretch of the beautiful Seven Mile beach.

Ocho Rios - if you are looking for a travellers gem you definitely have to visit Ocho Rios. Famous for its lavish Dunn's River Falls and magnificent spas, it is located just minutes away from Nine Mile, St Anne’s, the birthplace of the legendary Bob Marley. You can party with people from all over the world at SPF weekend or some adventure at Mystic Mountain with ziplining, bobsled, skyride and even some bird watching.

Kingston - known as the city that never sleeps in Jamaica. You can literally watch the city transform from a busy metropolis to an open air nightclub where multiple parties will not stop until the sun comes up. Don't forget to take in the arts with the Bob Marley museum, the Edna Manley School of the Arts as well as a little fashion with Caribbean Fashion week. Be sure to try some famous Devon House ice cream. My favorite is their Dragon flavor.

No matter what your reason for travel, or why a nation is #1 the most important thing about taking that vacation are the memories you'll create. I look forward to helping you create your travel memories!

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