20 Oct 2013

    Rethinking Masculinity

    MADMEN, Suits, Hell’s Kitchen, Holmes on Homes, Property brothers, Love it or List it, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Anderson Cooper... today’s media is challenging old ideas of what masculinity looks like.

     What’s do you think? – What is Masculinity?

    Is it innate? Is it the way you look or speak? Is it how people perceive you? Is it the amount of money you make for your family?   Does it matter if your wife or child earns more than you?  Is your masculinity defined by where you start, where you are, or what you do to get to your end?

    Our first challenge is targeted at our mentality. Throughout the next 21 days we aim to gain a clean perspective, strengthen our understanding, increase our wisdom and knowledge, sharpen our attitudes, and gain a solid picture of who we are as a gender and what we are created to do individually and collectively.

    In 1776, Thomas Jefferson stated “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” which is true but we are shaped differently by our unique experiences.  The purpose of this period is to get a clear picture of what has made us to this point and what changes we require in order to grow beyond where we are now.

    Enjoy the journey as we begin rethinking masculinity!

    Alleyne's Grooming for Gentlemen | Email: groomed(at)alleynes.ca  

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    Brenton P. Alleyne

    Brenton P. Alleyne comes from a line of groomers, which includes his grandfather, Pollard Alleyne, after whom Brenton was named, and his mother Brenda, a polished and professional hairstylist and aesthetician.

    Brenton grew up watching Brenda style and refine her clients. The biggest impression made upon him, however, was how his mother inspired his father Joseph, who was tall and lanky, to become a more stylish and muscular man.

    He also saw her refine his once coarse and grizzly hair to a more silky hair texture. As Brenton watched on, a groomer was born.

    Barbering was Brenton’s first love; he began honing his skills as a boy in his family’s basement, garage, friends’ homes, school change rooms and pretty much anywhere he could get an opportunity. Brenton opened his first barbering and retail store at 23, and started a strategic marketing firm at the age of 25. It was clear he had an entrepreneurial proclivity.

    One of his many interests was to consult with business leaders on their image. Through this work, he became passionate about his commitment to hone a man’s style and image through every aspect of self-presentation. His journey taught him that grooming unified many of his life experiences, skills and talents. Brenton loved the opportunity to help men to live their lives to the fullest.

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