15 Sep 2017

    Five Reasons to Watch Toronto Stylist Mr. Adomako

    Toronto stylist Bismark Adomako has been turning heads in the fashion industry with his distinctive looks. If you weren’t aware of this bespoke gentleman’s unique style, here are five reasons you should be paying attention.

    He was voted one of Toronto Life’s Best Dressed

    September 7th marked the launch of Toronto International Film Festival and the city has been abuzz with musicians, actors, and fashion moguls decked out in red carpet worthy ensembles. It also was the 7th annual celebration of the release of Toronto Life’s fall Stylebook, that includes a yearly list of the Toronto’s best dressed on the red carpet. The list features individuals who keep the city buzzing by bringing their personality boldly and confidently to red carpet events in the city. Bismark Adomako (who prefers Mr. Adomako) got his first introduction to the Style Book through his feature in the magazine and he is excited to know his diligent work is paying off. “You don’t really feel like anyone notices, but these moments make you think, ‘Wow! Someone actually sees what I’m doing.’”

    He's the ‘underdog’ who's not afraid to take risks

    It wasn’t long ago that Mr. Adomako got his start in styling after Designer’s Closet approached him in 2016 to style for fashion shows after viewing his Instagram (IG) posts. “I didn’t know what to say to that. She didn’t even ask me if I was a stylist! Things could have been different If I said no,” says Adomako, who before the Designer’s Closet fashion show had no access to models, clothing lines, or experience to begin undertaking such a project.

    “To be honest, people around me who I thought were very fashionable and could help me out in that situation, said no to me,” reveals Adomako, who then was tasked with the challenge of reaching out to professional models who would fit his styling. He started to attend events where potential models for the shows would be in attendance. Adomako was a bit skeptical when approaching these individuals without a resume to ask for help. “All these people could’ve said no to me, but something about me made them say yes even if in the back of their minds they knew I didn’t know what I was doing.”

    “The goal is to inspire”

    The Mr. Adomako brand represents the classic gentleman. Having a range of inspirations, from his early Ghanian upbringing to being exposed to Italian and Parisian fashion, Adomako hasn’t missed a beat in portraying his personal dapper style. He has used his IG as a viable resource to gain clients. “You need to know how bad you want it and how you’re going to promote your brand. No one is going to do it for you,” says Adomako, who is very hands on in promoting his brand consistently. “Money should never be an issue—it’s a matter of creativity.” Prior to gaining clients and a large following, Adomako would wait for sales and mix and match suits.

    Things are a little different now for Adomako who admittedly still has much to learn, but now has access to brands such as Eaden Myles, for whom he is a brand ambassador. The goal for the Mr. Adomako brand is to inspire through fashion rather than to wear one brand or have a closet full of clothes. Adomako, who recently started styling women as well, wants people to use their image to present to others who they are at that moment and sometimes who they are striving to become. But the inspiration for the brand reaches much deeper. Adomako, the youngest of four children and his mother’s only son, is creating a legacy for his deceased father and his 4-year-old daughter, London Rose.

    He's a one stop shop

    A full-time barber, Adomako connected barbering with fashion styling when Ghanian actor Prince David Osei, who admired Adomako’s clean looks, reached out to the new stylist in 2015 to for a photo shoot. During the photoshoot, Osei shared that he didn’t have time to reach a barber. Luckily, Adomako had his clippers and the rest was history. He’s built his brand around his ability to combine his skill sets as a stylist and barber. “Everything I needed is always right here,” says Adomako.

    He's proud to represent Toronto

    “It’s hard to relocate from Toronto,” says Adomako, who enjoys travelling to Europe and Africa, but can’t stay away too long. Adomako migrated to Toronto from Ghana at the age of 12 with his 3 sisters and hasn’t looked back since. The African Fashion Week 2017 Best Stylist of the year nominee, enjoys the diversity that Toronto embodies. Although a fan of Toronto’s multiculturalism, he notices that certain styling choices, such as a 3-piece suit during a weekly walk down Yonge Street, is a bit surprising to people in Toronto, but would be far from shocking in certain European countries. Nonetheless, Toronto is home after a trip to Italy or Paris to take in the fine fabrics and suit tailoring. Toronto has also been the source of several opportunities for Adomako, who was the official stylist for the annual 2017 Atoms of Fashion Event on September 9th.

    Be sure to keep up with what's next for Mr. Adomako by following on Instagram

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