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29 Oct 2013

Troy Crossfield is a natural

Troy Crossfield is no stranger to the stage, having already played the lead in over 12 plays including Darren Anthony’s 'Secrets of a Black Boy' and Cheryl Nembhard’s Gospel Musical 'My Brothers Keeper' amongst many others.  

Troy shared the stage with Patrice Lovely (Tyler Perry) in Robin Givens play 'Joy in the Morning', appeared in Trey Anthony’s  'Da Kink in my Hair', Exousia Media Group’s award-winning short film 'The Son', and a leading role in the horror film 'Lost Souls' on Star Choice. Troy is versatile with talents as an actor, songwriter, singer and is taking his talents wherever God leads his journey.  

What got you into acting?

Dwayne Mitchell actually, who is now a friend and like family. I was doing modeling at the time and answered an audition call for a modeling gig. Turns out one of the actors for the same production got sick, and I got a chance to audition for the role. The Director said I had natural ability, and the rest is pretty much history.

How long have you been acting?

Since 2002.

What character do you play in The Ultimate Sacrifice (TUS)?

I play Pastor Franklin, who’s a street evangelist out in the community, him and his wife. I coach Elijah’s who is an ex-gang leader and help to guide him to nurture his gift of helping others. God works through me to work through him. In the play, I am like a father figure to him.

But aren’t you guys close in age in real life?

(Laughing) Yes, and we’re both tall, but it works well because conceivably I’m about 35 and he’s supposed to be close to his early twenties.

How do you contrast this play to My Brothers Keeper (MBK)?

The commonality is that I play a pastor again, albeit in different circumstances.

In TUS we get to see what life is like for older gang members, prostitutes, drugs, guns and the rougher side of street life. In MBK it was more about sexual abuse against children.  

In MBK my character is tempted to leave his wife, but in TUS my wife and I have a strong connection working side by side in the community and is admired by most of the characters in the play, except for the gang of course.

This year you also acted in Darren Anthony’s Secrets of A Black Boy, what was that like?

It was a challenge. It was the first time I was working with an all-male cast, most people don’t know that developing relationships with men is challenging.

I grew up in a home with 5 sisters, and most of my friends are women. Being around just guys was different. A random conversation was strange to me. I tend to stay to myself when I’m on a production. I’m somewhat of an introvert, to tell the truth.

Being around a different energy, and not being in a Christian production, wherein the latter we would pray before starting work, there we just started working, and we worked hard, long hours man.

It was a very give and take experience. The Director taught me a lot, and I got to learn a lot from the other actors as well, who had common dreams and have that drive to be successful.

How can people get in touch with you?

I’m in the middle of rebuilding my new website, but people can connect with me on Facebook or on Twitter @JoeLouisDTP, my nickname.

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