10 Jan 2014

    Victoria Grant debuts erotic poetry book, 47 Kisses

    Three years ago we produced an erotic poetry show called “Freak Nasty” (since then the name has been softened to “The Sweet Spot”). It was a fun show; hosted by a comedian, with live music, fashion show and a DJ, featuring erotic poets from the USA, and a fresh new Canadian erotic poet named Victoria Grant. It was her first time on stage doing erotic poetry (though you wouldn't really have known it). On January 19th she unveils her inner thoughts via her debut book, 47 Kisses.

    Been a long time, what has been going on since 2010?

    I continued to perform at various events, perfecting and working on the craft. I created some new poems, not just erotic pieces, but other types of poems as well. I wanted to create short stories, and do other things. In November 2013, I independently published a book of short stories and erotic poems, which will be officially released on January 19.

    What was the inspiration to write the book?

    I performed in Montreal for the very first time in May 2013, doing a mixture of spoken word pieces, and ending with erotic poems.

    After the show, people came up to me and said how much they appreciated the erotic poems, and asked me if I had a book they could purchase. My lover (whose nickname is 47) encouraged me to write a book of erotic poems. Hence the title of the book.

    What's your favorite poem in the book, and why?

    It’s hard to choose because I love all of them. But if I had to choose one it would be "Sense Perception".

    Why? Because I am retelling a very erotic moment between a lover and me, the way I retell the intimacy using the senses, anybody could close their eyes and would be in that moment as well. Everybody who has ever heard that piece, says that it was beautifully written.

    What else are you working on now?

    I’m also working on a spoken word album to be released in spring 2014, titled “Poems and Love Letters”.

    Are you collaborating with any other poets on the album?

    It will just be me and my pieces, but some of the music is produced by other artists. Michelle Mondesir of Poetic Groove Productions is providing beats. Also, Arnob Bal of Floss Daily Productions is working with me to produce some of the tracks and beats as well. TJ produced "Sense Perception", and "GMNY (Good Morning New York)".

    So you’re having a launch show for the book at Dazzling Lounge in Toronto on January 19. What should people expect at the show?

    It’s not going to be your average book launch, or show. I am having several Divas touching the stage that night. I have 2 divas performing, and I’m doing a full set. I want everybody to go home feeling like they want to have sex, with partners or even themselves.

    You can come to the show and check it out, or buy the book if you want to take me home with you.

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