02 Feb 2017

    Robert Small Moves Full STEAM Ahead!

    African-Canadian Author/Artist Robert Small announces the release of his first-of-a-kind-booklet “We’re Going Full STEAM Ahead”.

    This is the second installment, which focuses on making African-Canadian history relevant to the technological age while preparing youth for the future where careers in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) will be in high demand. It is the first ever activity book written to directly bridge the link between Black youth and technological advancement.

    About The Book
    This is a unique 16-page booklet that fuses the ingenuity the technological age demands, with traditional word games, puzzles and math problems. It contains distinctive ideas such as a math section that focuses on financial literacy, saving money and teaching youth about stock market basics. There is also an art section in tribute to Viola Desmond who fought segregation laws in Nova Scotia in 1956.

    The booklet, much like the other products created by the Robert Small is socially relevant to issues affecting the African-Canadian community. Sold at just $2, Small kept the booklet inexpensive to make it accessible to everyone regardless of economic status. Small said a quote from Tyrone D. Taborn’s essay in the Covenant with Black America really stuck with him, “Young blacks entering an information-based, technology-driven marketplace without the necessary technological skill sets will not only be unemployable, they will be irrelevant.” Small believes it's up to parents, educators and other members of the community to ensure their children are technologically relevant in the future.

    “We’re Going Full STEAM Ahead” is available for download through www.afroebooks.com or print at www.thelegacyposter.com.

    About the Author
    Robert Small is multi-talented as a renowned artist, TV and radio personality, award winner, teacher and writer. He is the creator of the LEGACY poster, which for 23 years has celebrated the achievements of African-Canadians. This year, the LEGACY Poster celebrates African-Canadians such as singer Jully Black and scientist/politician Howard McCurdy. Small was the first African-Canadian artist in history to appear on mainstream media outlets such as Much music, TSN and CBC Radio. He presently sits on the board of the Ontario National Association of Black School Educators (ONABSE) was a recipient of the Harry Jerome Award for Excellence in Art.

    Contact Information
    Website is: www.thelegacyposter.com
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Tel: (647) 955-6560

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