02 Sep 2018

The Get Fresh Company Makes Its Mark On Queen West

Jebril "Fresh" Jalloh is the CEO and founder of 'The Get Fresh Company'.  At age 15, he was hanging out with friends one day when he had a vision.

He said to them, "I want to own a store called Get Fresh and it will be the freshest store in Toronto." They all laughed at him. But now he's laughing all the way to the bank.

Jebril has gone from hustling clothes from the trunk of his car to owning his own store, which is a major staple in Toronto, located on Queen St. West. Being the first Toronto brand to collaborate with PUMA, being featured in Toronto Mens Fashion week, hosting Kendrick Lamar's first meet and greet in Canada, Jebril is making the way for the next generation.

He shares his journey and talks about not allowing his circumstances to define his future, the importance of building real relationships, his passion for community/youth, and so much more!

Click the link below to listen to his full story on the E project podcast.

The "E" Project is a platform that showcases & highlights this generation's creative entrepreneurs. Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to go for what you want, spark that special something in you, work hard and make your passion a reality.

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