02 Oct 2013

    The Christian Women of Hope - Planting a Seed

    Since 2011 a group of Christian women came together to study God’s word, and from these meetings decided they also want to help girls who are among the most vulnerable in Canada and around the world. 

    They call themselves The Christian Women of Hope. ByBlacks spoke with Marsha Brown, one of the committee members, about their upcoming fundraising event, Planting A Seed.

    How did this organization come about?

    It was a group of women that bonded through the efforts of Endra Lesewe, she is the catalyst for bringing them all together. The common thread is love for god, and people.

    During the meetings we share god's word, our gifts and talents. Our passion is for those that are victimized or living in poverty, and as Christian women we wanted to do our part to help women and girls specifically.

    We decided that we wanted to do more than just talk about social issues that were pressing around Canada, and Worldwide. We wanted to fundraise to support agencies that were involved in the enriching the lives of young women worldwide.

    What is your role?

    I primarily handle the PR, program administration and supporting the larger committee. There are currently 11 women in the group

    Tell us about the upcoming fundraiser?

    The goal of the event is bring more awareness for the charity Because I am a Girl. The organization has been in the media recently because of the challenges experienced by South Asian women and girls,

    When the group sat down to decide what to do as our next project, we chose this organization. We want to reach out to young girls, as their is a shift in how we value young girls.

    The evening will feature:
    Girls Dance Troupe from Toronto comprising 6 girls between 13-18 years of age.
    MC for the evening is Owen Curling (Alvin Curling’s brother)
    A representative from Plan Canada will speak about the Because I am a Girl organization.
    We will also be introducing the Committee members.
    We also have a DJ so we want people to come out and enjoy themselves, it’s a dinner and dance event.

    What is your goal, and why?

    Bring awareness to issues that girls have around the world, and enlist people to become supporters of the work we are doing. Hopefully girls lives world wide can be enriched.

    100% of the net proceeds raised will be donated to Because I am a Girl. We have designated our funds to go towards education, supporting girls who cannot afford to attend school currently, to ensure they get an education. Funds will be going to support countries outside of Canada.

    How can people connect with you about tickets?

    The best place is to email plantingaseed2013 (at) gmail.com to purchase tickets via Email Money Transfer, or by calling 416.518.5199.

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