Roger Dundas

Roger Dundas

Husband, Father, Producer, Publicist, Marketer, Chartered Accountant, Social Media Guru, Environmentalist, Co-Founder of ... I wear many hats.

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When Sisters Speak is now in its 17th year! It's North America’s largest and longest-running showcase of Black spoken word poets curated annually by Scarborough Walk of Fame inductee Dwayne Morgan.

Top 5 Jerk Chicken Spots In The GTA

Thursday, 02 June 2016 18:15
I grew up in Jamaica, eating Pan Chicken from the “Pan Man” on Red Hills Road, Northside Plaza in Liguanea, and from the famous Boston Jerk Centre.

Rum Diaries Is Our New Favourite Spot

Monday, 13 July 2015 18:15
ByBlacks Rating BBBB 
ByBlacks Rating: BBB 1/2
With racial tensions and police brutality dominating public conversation, many Black people have felt a renewed commitment to changing the narrative, but many of them don't have the resources do so. By voting!
Highlighting a thought provoking topic, which affects many persons deemed to be in a minority race in first world countries, and convincingly showing how she continues to push past the many labels
She’s complex, jarring at times, expressive but shy, and happens to be a writer, actor, director, educator, executive director, wife, and a business owner. Teneile Warren is a lyrical ninja,
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