Natalie Lewin

I don’t just sell houses, I give peace of mind. As the daughter of a real estate broker, I was immersed in this exciting field from a young age. I understand that buying and selling a home can be stressful, I am here to take away some of your stress, and use my experience to get you your dream property.

As a successful and sought after real estate agent with 16 years experience, I am often called upon by Toronto housing communities to teach their residence about credit, home ownership and how to propel themselves to a better personal and financial life. While I expertly educate about the wonders of property ownership, I share with them my deep passions for both real estate and travel. Having traveled to all but three continents, I find that if people just traveled more often and had a chance to interact with the people, they would realize that we are more similar than different. The world would be a better place! I bring this love of people and diversity to all my community service activities, regular contributions to the Children’s Miracle Network and the Breast Cancer Foundation, and work as an experienced RE/MAX professional, I take the greatest of pride in my community and the people here, while building better neighborhoods for my child and yours.

Having spent all of my life in the Greater Toronto area, my professional and social networks are virtually unmatched. Whether you are a first time home buyer seeking guidance through the complex and mine filled world of real estate or an experienced investor seeking a knowledgeable Realtor to get you the best terms and prices, I am here to help.

Having been a top seller for years, I am proud to say that I have won a multitude of prestigious awards including being inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, being honored as a member of the 100% club, and earning a Platinum award.

I believe that the key to my success has been my talent to build trust with clients and colleagues through my hardworking, trustworthy, and professional demeanor along with my customized personal touch. No matter how complex a transaction or how unique your needs, my passion for real estate never wanes. I am not just here to be your Realtor for this deal; I am here to be your personal Realtor for life.