28 Dec 2017

How To Conquer Winter With Cool Confidence - Fashion Tips From Award Winning Stylist BLACK A DAIMA Featured

First things first, we must congratulate Black A Daima on her 2017 African Fashion Week Toronto Stylist of the Year win, and what may have stopped her from exiting the fashion scene.

It was already decided for Black A Daima, which most may know as Aziza Brown, that she was going to take a break from styling to pursue a passion close to her heart—naturopathic health. Raised by Jamaican Rastafari parents, Black A Daima has always valued the necessity of a naturally healthy lifestyle and already is very familiar with making her own products. But after the win she decided that she is very capable of following both: health and fashion.

Black A Daima’s style is very much her own signature and she knows it. The trendsetting Torontonian, who is also a long-time choreographer, confidently reveals that “No one can rock it the way I do.”  The Black A Daima key to styling is not only her heartfelt dedication to her clients, but also understanding that personal style is an extension of one’s not so simple personality.    What brings her the most joy when styling clients is seeing them fiercely present who they are with confidence via clothing.

Since jumping on the fashion scene 3 years ago after styling for recording artist, Akin Busari, Black A Daima has been pushing creative boundaries through daring fashion combinations, and culturally resonating details, giving reverence to her own African roots.  She shares that her styling handle is inspired by her belief that “Black fashion is forever.”  ‘Black A Daima’ is a tribute to not only Toronto and the bold creative inspiration of the diverse city, but also to the longevity of African fashion in all its transformations, with ‘Daima’ translating to eternity in Swahili.

On that note, here are the top three style tips from Black A Daima

1. Layers Please! Seems obvious, but a way to personalize this trend is to play with the hemlines.  Pairing a long sweater under a jacket with a shorter hemline, is a way to add that finishing touch to your outfits and your body type.  Don’t overdo it to the point where you’re uncomfortable— Black A Daima suggests playing with up to 4 layers as a start.

2. The Hat Trick.  Don’t think that you’re a hat person? There are some people who just don’t like wearing hats, usually because they have yet to find the right fit, but Black A Daima shares that there is a hat out there for everyone. If hats really aren’t your thing, “Find yourself some cool head accessories!”

3. Chunky Neckwear—The thick scarves are a wonderful way to go for warmth and fashion, adorned with bold prints and colours. Just make sure that the thickness of the scarf doesn’t overpower your frame.  

Stay up to date with this artist’s next moves, naturopathic products, and collaborations as she continues to work with photographers like Anthony G., retailers such as Heel Boy, recording artists like Asheley Turner, and various popular events like @AfroChicTo.  Follow her on Instagram at @blackaDaima.

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