30 Jul 2015

    5 Things BOLD Brilliant Beautiful Women Do

    Have you ever looked at another woman and thought I’d do anything to be as bold as her!

    Perhaps it was the way her voice compelled you to listen, or the attention she commanded when she walked into a room. Did it leave you wondering what these women are doing?
    Women who are Bold, Brilliant, and Beautiful are women who are brave enough to live a life they love. Exuding confidence and self-assurance, they shine with brilliance in everything they say and do. Often times we forget our brilliance. We forget that we are talented, confident, able women who are resilient, strong and can do ANYTHING we put our minds to.

    History and cultural conditioning can make us believe that we are not smart enough; that we are helpless and fragile. We can’t climb trees. We shouldn’t get our clothes dirty. We should play nice. We shouldn’t be loud. We should ask for what we want, but don’t ask for too much. With all these negative messages pervading the talented, smart and creative gifts we know we possess, is it any wonder why we forget that we have greatness within us?

    Truth is we don’t forget all of it. We all have moments in our life when we catch a glimpse of that woman, what I call the Beautiful Warrior. We charge forward, strong and bold. We shout, we march and we demand more of what makes us happy. We let our brilliance and grace shine through and we make the most of the life that we have been given! But then life happens and we go back to the dull, dusty version of ourselves, the version that society and everyone else is accustomed to.

    But what if we consistently allowed ourselves to shine? What if we CHOSE to be brilliant more often than not?

    Here are 5 things bold, brilliant beautiful women do:

    1. They Own their “Stuff”
    They accept themselves for who they are – where they are and acknowledge that they are enough. They acknowledge that they are truly amazing human beings and that their past does not dictate who they are. They acknowledge their strengths and areas for improvement and work on their areas of opportunities. They know their worth, and embody this through their actions and through the quality of people they allow in their lives. They are not afraid to admit that they have work to do and will confidently say that “I am a work in progress.” Bold Brilliant women pay attention to what they say about themselves – the words that usually follow I AM includes: I AM Brilliant, Amazing, Talented, Smart, Resilient.

    2. They take responsibility for their lives
    They know that they cannot run away from themselves and deal with what’s not “working” in their lives. They don’t complain about it – they do something about it. They understand that they have been graced with ONE life. One – that’s it! And they also accept the fact that the only person who can make the most of this life is themselves. As a result they spend time envisioning what they want their life to look and feel like, and make a commitment to bringing that vision to life. They also take responsibilities by changing something if their lives are not going in the direction they want it to go.

    3. They Give Themselves Permission to BE
    Bold, Brilliant Beautiful women give themselves permission to BE themselves. Whoever that is at this present moment in life. They are not afraid to be vulnerable, to shine, to cry, to say yes, to say no, or to say I don’t know. They set boundaries and give themselves permission to honour who they are. They understand that denying their right to be their authentic selves dulls their soul and zaps their energy.

    4. They Dance Naked In The Rain
    And by this I mean - they recognize that in order to receive love and the great stuff life has to offer, one must be open to receive it. They remove the masks, embrace their vulnerabilities and share their “Elephant Stories – their shame, their fears, their guilt stories- with people who deserve the right to hear their stories. They understand that keeping these stories to themselves will dull their inner greatness. Their emotional and mental health is at the top of their priority list and they put the “oxygen mask theory” into practice as much as they can. They understand that going outside their comfort zone will only light their soul on fire. They also silence their inner critic - while Cautionary Cara will give tons of reasons why they shouldn’t do this or that and Critical Cree will let them know why they will fail, they fight Fearful Fara and go ahead and do “it” anyway – whatever that may be.

    5. They Ask. Share. Give. Accept. Receive
    They ask for what they want in life and love and are not afraid to walk away from unhealthy relationships and people. They share their boldness and brilliance by speaking up in meetings and sharing their ideas. They elevate, celebrate and support other women and let them know why they are awesome. They refer women for opportunities they know they will excel at and always have their “sisters” back. They receive compliments, and say thank you when told they are doing a great job. They ask, they share, they give, they accept and receive simply because they know that they are worth it!

    If you are living the principles above on a consistent basis – keep rocking on! If not, start with one or two of the points above and keep doing. Action is the greatest tool for success in life. And if there is anything you would like to add to the list, drop me a line below. I would love to hear from you! If you would like to increase your BOLD, Brilliant & Beautiful soul, head over to www.karlynpercil.com for more tips!

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    Karlyn Percil

    Karlyn Percil is a leadership coach, motivational speaker and facilitator whose mission is to help women break their personal "glass ceiling". She is passionate about the empowerment of women and envisions a world where each and every woman is living a life filled with passion and purpose.

    She provides tips and strategies to help women realize their full potential and purpose in life. She is the founder/creator of The SisterTalk Group - a women's empowerment network where women connect, celebrate and support each other, through authentic soul-to-soul conversations about life, love, career and relationships. 

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