07 Feb 2018

    12 Things Highly Successful Purpose-Driven People Do Differently

    I've been researching the habits of highly effective (purpose-driven) people and one thing that stood out was this: no one had a perfect ride to their "successful" moment or story.

    Many of them are still writing their stories. I believe that we determine our purpose with our thoughts, actions and the intention behind everything we do. As motivational scientist Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson notes, "Successful people are not successful because of who they are. They are successful because of what they do."

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    The secret to success lies in your habits, thoughts, emotional energy, daily habits/rituals and behaviour. Here are a few habits of highly successful purpose-driven leaders you can practice today:

    1. They are highly self-aware and maximize their time by focusing their mental and emotional energy. Highly successful purpose-driven leaders know that they cannot add more time to their days but they can increase their output by leveraging their mind and their emotional energy for greater results. They track their low and peak periods and use their brain strategically so they can leverage their minds for greater success.
    2. They focus more on what they can control and less on what's outside their control.
    3. They redefine success daily. They know that life happens and while they do plan their day, they are flexible and make time for what matters the most.
    4. They know their values and create a belief system based on their future and the person they are becoming.
    5. They celebrate their wins. They make time to reflect on their day and reflect on how they can do better daily.
    6. They condition their minds with positivity and daily words of wisdom. They understand their mind is a garden and plant seeds of power in their minds. They set time aside daily to tap into the power of their minds for further creativity, productivity, and wisdom.
    7. They better themselves by investing in their personal growth. They hire trainers and coaches. They also have mentors and create a feed-forward loop where they're constantly working on their growth mindset
    8. They plan their days. Purposeful Warriors know that they win by having a schedule, an intention for the day ahead. They create morning and evening routines and execute them daily regardless of what goes on in their lives.
    9. They have a mission and vision statement. They know that life favours the prepared and leverage the power of their brain by programming their mind for the life that they want.
    10. They have a higher purpose and mission that goes beyond the narrow confines of their humanity. They are working towards a bold, radical, legacy-based idea - one that will change the community, society, and the world in general. They focus on making the world a better place.
    11. They pull others up the ladder of success with them and teach others what they have learned. Highly successful purposeful leaders understand that their role is to groom more leaders, to help others develop their own gifts and talents and share it with the world.
    12. They feel brave even when they are afraid and take consistent action daily.

    As you review this list, what jumps out to you the most? What is your Leadership Impact Score (out of 12) based on the items listed above? As you review your score and plan for the week ahead, check out this Success Roapmap designed to help you continuously craft your own definition of success that reflects the life you actually want to live.

    "Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."– Buddha


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    Karlyn Percil

    Karlyn Percil is a leadership coach, motivational speaker and facilitator whose mission is to help women break their personal "glass ceiling". She is passionate about the empowerment of women and envisions a world where each and every woman is living a life filled with passion and purpose.

    She provides tips and strategies to help women realize their full potential and purpose in life. She is the founder/creator of The SisterTalk Group - a women's empowerment network where women connect, celebrate and support each other, through authentic soul-to-soul conversations about life, love, career and relationships. 

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