Tips To Get Through The Holiday Temptation

Tips To Get Through The Holiday Temptation
Published on Saturday, 19 December 2020 20:14

With less than one week until Christmas, I thought I would share some tips for managing all of the temptations that may come your way throughout the holidays!

When our clients asked for advice on how to stick to their goals while managing the festivities of this week, I knew more people needed to hear these tips. It’s important you enter this week with a strong mindset. Know that your goals are broader than 1 holiday. If you have committed to this journey, you deserve to see it through. Spending time with loved ones and having fun does not mean you have to overindulge! The two are not mutually exclusive and the holidays do not have to be synonymous with binging. Work to change your narrative this year! Try enjoying your holidays, while keeping health top of mind.

You've got this, and remember, it's all mind over matter. So, here are some practical tips to help you along the way!

1) Drink a LOT of water before, after, and during your big meals. It will help prevent overeating and will ensure proper digestion. Every day this week, try to hit a water goal of ½ your body weight in ounces (so if you weight 150lb, your goal for the week is to have 75ounces)

2) Take your time! This season, commit to not inhaling your food in seconds. Instead, savour it! For soft foods, aim for 10 bits, For hard foods, aim for 20. Studies prove the longer you take to consume your food, the less likely you are to over eat. It takes your brain 20 minutes to know you are full, so let’s not rush through our food this season and try to eat intentionally.

3) Be mindful of the leftovers! If you’re making a big meal at home for loved ones, make just enough for the night. Shop with intention for the right portion sizes, purchase less alcohol, and make smaller desserts (last year we made a small 6inch cake that was just enough for everyone to have a slice and it was perfect). Try not to let the festivities linger into the upcoming days, just enjoy the meal for what it is!

4) Workout often this week! Mentally, you will feel great about being active and psychologically you will treat your body better with healthier choices knowing you worked out! It’s less about “working off the meals” and more about the mindset advantages that come with the act of working out.

5) Beware of emotional eating. Understand that emotional eating may be at an all-time high this season - so take some time to understand your patterns around emotional eating and create an action plan. With the emotional turbulence of this year, you’re likely going to want to turn to food as comfort more than ever before. So a few tips to help overcome emotional binging include
a) Journal your thoughts instead - we know that overeating doesn’t feel good, nor does it serve us - so try releasing your emotions in another way.
b) Meditate for just a few minutes to remind yourself of why your health is important to you - sometimes you just need a few breaths to recenter.
c) get an accountability partner who will be on call for the tough times as they arise (and offer the same loyalty to him/her).

6) Most importantly - don't stress too much! We get so anxious when trying to stay healthy during the holidays that it often backfires causing us to rebel. So just take it easy and promise yourself you're going to treat your body good - while enjoying time with the ones you love. It really can be that simple.

Merry Christmas, friends!!!! xo

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