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Why You Need A Professional Scalp Detox Photo: YouTube
We spend so much time, energy, and products on the hair on our heads but we forget that our scalp is living and breathing, and it is basically skin that needs cleansing.

For long, strong and healthy hair, it takes more than just shampooing and treatment. We each should make a scalp detox treatment a priority, and it’s never too late to start.

Residues such as polymers, copolymers, and silicones are found in many shampoos, conditioners, lacquers, gels, hair sprays etc and can clog pores by creating build up on top of accumulated dead skin, which can cause dry, brittle and greasy slow hair growth. Shampooing alone does not give a deep enough cleanse to rid the scalp of all the build up. People often mistake build up for dandruff.

It is important to regularly remove all adherences on the scalp and hair. A scalp detox is the solution.

If you want less hair loss, and stronger hair you should see a professional for a scalp detox about four times a year. A professional scalp detox treatment exfoliates the scalp, which removes dead skin from your pores and removes toxins from the hair follicles, roots, and scalp. A microscopic analysis of the scalp and hair with the most advanced software is performed, along with a Trichologist Specialist who will gather information about your scalp and hair. A deep cleansing and Detoxification of the scalp and hair is done, along with a head massage.

You will also have the chance to view before and after pictures of the Microscopic analysis, along with an explanation of different hair and scalp conditions and recommendations for home care products.

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Annie Palmer

Annie Palmer is a Certified Trichologist and owner of The Scalp & Hair Loss Treatment Centre.

The centre specializes in the scientific studies related to health of hair and scalp.

As a Trichologist, her function is to provide services which diagnose the causes of hair thinning, hair loss and diseases of the scalp.

Annie and her staff provide solutions and treatment.

Website: www.scalptreatment.ca
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