Dr. Melvia Agbeko

Dr. Melvia Agbeko

Dr. Agbeko, ND focuses her family practice on long-term Wellness promotion and disease prevention. She has a special interest in Mind-body medicine, Hormonal (eg thyroid and reproductive) concerns, Digestive problems, Chronic stress manifestations and lifestyle-related imbalances. She uses all Naturopathic modalities and has additional training in Biotherapeutic drainage, Auricular medicine, Reiki and Lifestyle counselling, because she has personally gained benefit from their effectiveness at promoting long-term health and wellness to the body on various levels.

As a result, she aims to empower and support patients, while helping them to address the Root Cause of their concerns employing these skills and tools. She believes that providing safe and effective care ought to be comprehensive and holistic, which helps patients achieve Wellness on all levels.




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