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12 Jun 2014

Sex Talk With Vee: Is The G-spot A Myth?

Q: Naked pictures of women aren’t a turn on for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate a nice body.However, in order for me to want to have any sort of physical interaction with a woman I need to have a mental connection with her. Does this make me strange?

Simple answer – nope. This makes you a person who requires more than a physical attraction in order to engage with someone on a sexual level. You’re ensuring that after the sex has ended you and your partner will have something to talk about and that sex isn’t the only thing that will keep you and your lover connected. As Prince Akeem put it in Coming to America, you want a woman who will arouse your intellect as well as your loins. No, this doesn’t make you strange at all.

Q: Is anal sex dangerous?

I think dangerous sex is sex that is not consensual. If you are asking if anal sex has any risks, of course it does. Many of us who are sexually active accept the risks involved when we choose to participate in any type of sex, whether it be anal, oral or vaginal. That being said, with anal sex there are some things to be cognizant of and some precautions to take for the following reasons:

The anus lacks the natural lubrication that the vagina has so the tissue inside is more susceptible to tear with penetration. Tearing can leave the anus more susceptible to the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HPV.

The anus is surrounded with a ring like muscle; it’s called the anal sphincter. This muscle usually is very tight which may be a source of pleasure for the giving partner but may make penetration a bit difficult and/or painful for the receiving partner. A water-based lubricant and clear communication can help!

The anus due to its function is a source of bacteria. Engaging in vaginal sex after anal sex can lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections.

As always with any type of sex, practice it safely, enjoyably and with consent.

Q: Is the G-Spot a myth and can a woman really have a G-Spot orgasm?

I assure you my friend the G-Spot is not a myth. And let me also assure you that G-Spot orgasms are quite real! They are not as common as clitoral or vaginal orgasms but they do happen. The G-Spot is located within about 2-3 inches inside the vagina and feels different in texture from the rest of the vagina. ByBlacks published a wonderful orgasm resource. *Wink.* The previously published article explains the different types of female orgasms and also provides some tips and tricks to help achieve the big O including the G-Spot orgasm. You can read the archive HERE.

Q: Vee can you please, please, PLEASE write about giving oral sex?

You had me at the first please. You asked it – you got it! In my next column post, I will dive head first (pun intended) into the world of oral sex. You’ll want to make sure you stay tuned to the website, the social media accounts and this column because it’s going to be a good one!


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Victoria Grant

Victoria Grant  is a Toronto based Writer, Performer, Spoken Word Artist and Erotic Poet. She can be followed on twitter: @Vee_Grant and emailed at askvee(at)byblacks.com.

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