02 Jul 2014

    Décor Can Make Or Break Your Wedding

    Recently I attended an absolutely beautiful wedding in downtown Toronto at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex.

    As an Event Planner and Décor Designer I began to think about what the event would look like and how it would come together to tell the story about the couple. I was excited because I have checked out this venue a few times for my clients but had not been able to get them to sign on the dotted line for this amazingly chic location.

    As I entered the courtyard where the ceremony was being held my eyes were automatically drawn to the beautiful chiavari chairs with white seated pads; the aisle was complimented with tall calla lilies in clear vases on top of mirror end tables create a beautiful distinction for the walkway décor. This courtyard had trees that scaled the height of the building that surrounded it and was situated right at the front of where the ceremony would take place. It hovered over the section as if it were creating a shade for the Bride and Groom to be under. The walls had very impressive columns and antique structures that were captivating alongside the fountain that flowed harmoniously with the band that played almost as though they choreographed the melody together.

    In some cases venues will have a decorative structure that you may not have to do too much to add to it. The selection of the décor for this particular wedding was absolutely perfect because it worked will with the space that was given. This also opened up the décor pallet of the guests to anticipation of what the next event space for the wedding would have in store for them. Although people come to celebrate the vows, and to admire the Bride in her beautiful flowing dress or even to admire the Groom or to enjoy the meal and the music; people are very much visual and what they see first will influence their expectation for the experiences to follow.

    The next impressive space was the cocktail reception area. This venue layout had the right vision that would work with any event color pallet. The walls were washed with up lighting that projected the bridal party’s color theme, the chic white lounge leather sofas lined the room and the impressive white bar which was situated in front of a beautiful off white draping that divided the room made a beautiful focal point. Upon entering this space, the crystal draping created an entrance path that screamed elegance. Again, with this visual décor it created the “awe” factor.

    Finally, the grand finale was revealed as the venue staff pulled the draping to the sides and the reception area came into view. The elegant décor continued as the room was filled with soft colors and the up lighting surrounded the room to showcase their theme. The centre pieces of hydrangeas looked like clouds lifted from the tables as you span the room. The elegant chiavari chairs brought the feel of a royal ball to the event as well. The elevated bridal party table was illuminated and the backdrop’s simple elegance made the bridal party the focal point for the evening.

    Décor tells a visual story of the couple’s taste, uniqueness, level of elegance and class. Although décor to many people seems to be the last thing they may want to think about, it is the first thing that everyone sees and perceives about the bride and groom. So, remember the next time you go to a wedding and you pull out your camera, you will be posing in front of some type of décor for your backdrop saying to yourself…"This is so beautiful I have to take a picture right here”.


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    Michelle Richards

    Michelle Richards is an Expert Event Manager Consultant and Décor Specialist who supports and assists individuals in creating exceptional events and aids in demonstrating unique ambiance through décor.

    Michelle is the Founder and Owner of Most Unique Events Inc. an event planning and décor solution company that was established in 1997.  This result driven focused company meets the needs of each client with a personable touch, professionalism, and great customer service. 

    Michelle has a keen eye for details that result in providing the necessary outcome that usually supersedes the client’s anticipation.  Michelle provides not only guidance, support, education and distinctive décor creations; she also provides an experience that clients and their guests enjoy and remember.

    Michelle’s clients include not only brides and grooms or individuals celebrating special birthdays or other family oriented events; Michelle has worked with high-end clients, television personalities, music artists, large corporate clients and provides staging décor for Television and Production Producers and Directors, she also provides staging for real estate agents.  Clients have described her work as very organized, punctual, impressive, chic & sexy, warm, unique, elegant, high-end, amazing & trendy, attractive, engaging and amazing ambiance.   This is appreciated through the execution of the event management skills and through the décor expertise that she demonstrates.   

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