08 Aug 2014

    The "Other" Orgasm

    Q: I read your column piece on orgasms but noticed you didn’t mention the anal orgasm. Why didn’t you write about it?

    Thank you so much for writing in. You are absolutely right, I didn’t write about the anal orgasm. Orgasms are such a wonderful and complex subject, I could literally write about the big O for days. However, I have a word count limit and so I opted to explore and write about the most commonly experienced orgasms reported by women.

    An anal orgasm is an orgasm brought on through anal stimulation. Stimulation of the anus can be achieved through penetration with the penis, fingers, vibrator, anal beads or whatever floats your boat. Anal stimulation during sexual intercourse and/or sexual play can stimulate the G Spot in women and directly stimulates the prostate in men. Both men and women can enjoy this type of orgasm. Check out my archive on ways to enjoy anal sex safely HERE.

    Q: Vee, can you do a post about the unsolicited D pic? Feel free to use my story as an example for your column. What I mean by unsolicited D pic are the ones that end up close to sexual harassment. I woke up to one the other day. From a guy I have never been involved with, met once 8 months ago and haven't spoken to since. Why would he do that?

    I can definitely write about the unsolicited Dick pic. Heck, I can even write about circumstances in which it would be okay for a man to send a pic of his member. Gentlemen please note, sending a woman you have never been involved with, only met once 8 months ago and haven’t spoken to since is NOT OKAY. It’s creepy and gross! Here's a suggestion for the fellas. If you and a woman are having a hot and heavy sext convo and she shares a sexy picture with you, a dick pic would be greatly appreciated at that point. I have been asked to write about some rules of engagement for those in the dating scene so it looks like I will have to include some general guidelines on sending nude pics. Stay tuned for the sexting post! 

    Q: We missed your July column. We were looking forward to your oral sex post. What happened?

    I experienced a life altering event at the end of June. My world was turned upside down. For July, I decided not to go ahead with my regular column but rather to write something different instead. You can read my tribute, my July offering HERE. I have to thank the ByBlacks family for their love, support and patience with me during this time.

    In the spirit of transparency, I am still working through my grief. Part of the journey towards some healing includes getting back to a regular routine. Writing this column was a regular routine for me. As a woman of my word, I will still dive head first (see what I did there?) into the world of oral sex. That will happen next month, in September. Keep it locked!

    Have a question? Want to run a scenario by me and get an unbiased opinion? Would you like to challenge me on something? Please continue to drop me a line.


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    Victoria Grant

    Victoria Grant  is a Toronto based Writer, Performer, Spoken Word Artist and Erotic Poet. She can be followed on twitter: @Vee_Grant and emailed at askvee(at)byblacks.com.

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